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Jess and Tyler were driven home while Adam was driven back to Jason’s so he could pick up his car.  Jess was so relieved to be going home with Tyler.  When they got in Jess let out a big sigh.  Tyler immediately gave her a hug.  Jess let out all the emotion she had been trying to hold in for the last few hours and started to cry.  It was more from relief than anything else though.  
“It’s ok Jess” Tyler said softly.  “It’s over now.”
“I know.  I’m partly crying because I’m relieved I guess.”
“And you must be tired.  It’s like 2AM.”
“Wow.  I wasn’t even thinking about the time.”
“Me neither.  And I’m pretty hungry to, how about you”
“I really don’t think I can eat”
“You should eat Jess.  How about you get yourself into bed, and I will bring you some soup”
“Ok I guess I can eat some soup.  Thanks Tyler, for always taking care of me”
“That’s ok Jess, you know I’m always here for you”
Jess smiled at him as she made her way to bed.  As she changed into her pyjamas, she caught site of all her bruises. She looked in the mirror for a bit, looking at her bruised body and face.  She couldn’t believe it had happened again especially as she had escaped from Jason.  But she took comfort in the fact that she was safe now, with someone who really cared about her.  She got herself into bed and managed to get as comfortable as possible, with the pain she was in.  She put the TV on and then Tyler knocked on the door.
“You can come in, I’m in bed”
Tyler came in with a bowl of soup on a tray with some bread.
“Thank you”
“That’s ok Jess”
“Are you going to eat?”
“I ate a sandwich while I was making your soup so I’m good”
Jess managed to eat most of her soup and some of the bread.  After she ate, the tiredness really hit her and she let out a big yawn.
“You should get some rest Jess”
“Yeah.  I should really get some sleep”
“How are you feeling?”
“I hurt, but I feel ok.  In a weird way, I’m glad that this happened tonight.”
“Glad? How can you be glad Jess, aren’t you in pain”
“Well yeah of course I am.  I’m glad because now I know that Jason can’t hurt me anymore.  I don’t know what’s going to happen now I’m actually pressing charges, but at least I finally got the police involved”
“Ok Jess, I do get what you mean.  I just wish it didn’t have to come to this.  I can’t bear to see you in pain” he said as he looked at her bruised face.
“It’s ok Tyler.  I will be ok.  As long as I have you.”
Tyler smiled at her.  “Would you like me to stay here with you tonight Jess”
“Yes.  I would like that” Jess said, thinking how he always knew how to make her feel better.
It didn’t take long for Jess to fall asleep, Tyler however stayed up for a bit watching TV.  He did get sleepy eventually though.  Jess was fast asleep.  He wanted to keep his word and stay with her for the night.  He laid down next to her as softly and quietly as he could.  Jess stirred in her sleep.  She then murmured Jason’s name.  She then woke with a start and called out.  
“Jess, it’s ok, I didn’t mean to wake you.  Are you ok?”
“Yeah.  I was dreaming.  I’m ok”
“Are you sure? You said Jason’s name”
“Yeah.  I’m ok.  Just a bad dream”
“Ok Jess.”
Jess laid there for a bit.  She wasn’t really ok, her dream had upset her.  After a few minutes she snuggled closer to him and put her arm around him.
“I was lying when I said I was ok”  She said starting to sob.
Tyler turned around to hug her properly.  “Did you have a bad dream about Jason?”
“Yeah” she replied quietly.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, it’s ok”
“Ok Jess, whatever you need.” He said holding her closer”
Jess felt better when she was in Tyler’s arms.  She smiled as she thought about how he was always here for when she needed him.  All Tyler wanted to tell her that he loved her.  But when he started to speak, he knew he couldn’t say it, not tonight.
“Mmmm” she replied sleepily.
“Sweet dreams”
“You to” she murmured before falling asleep again.
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Jason didn’t see it coming and was more than shocked at Tyler actions.
“What the fuck are you doing Tyler get off me and get out of my apartment now!”
What the fuck am I doing!?” Tyler shouted.  “What the fuck are you doing, kidnapping Jess like this”
“I was bringing her home after you stole her from me!”
“Bring her home just so you could beat her?  What gives you the right to treat her like this”
Jason pushed Tyler off him. “She’s mine ok so it’s my business what I do with her”
Tyler pushed him up against the wall again.  He really got in his face now and he could tell that Jason was scared.  “I should beat the shit out of you right now.  But I’m not going to.  Because that would make me no better than you”
“Won’t stop me from doing it” Adam said as he walked over to Jason and Tyler.  “But I don’t want to be like you either Jason.  I think it’s better if we let the police deal with you”
“What, you called the fucking police!”  he said then turning his attention to Jess he said “This is your fucking fault you stupid bitch” he said as he almost tried to go for her again only to be stopped by Tyler”
“Touch her again and you really will be sorry”
“Are you threatening me now Tyler?” Jason said right in his face making Tyler back down a bit.  But he’d be damned if he was going to let Jason bully him as well.
“No.  I’m just telling you, to leave her alone”
“Or what Tyler.  Cos I don’t think you have it in you to try to hit me”
“Neither do you. Cos you only hit girls right?  Ones that you know are weaker and won’t fight back.  You may be bigger and  stronger than me Jason, but your nothing but a sad, pathetic, coward.”
“Well at least I didn’t steal someone’s girlfriend, like you stole Jess from me”
“I didn’t steal her from you, she came to me because she needed help getting away from you”
“He’s right Jason and you know it”  Tyler was surprised that Jess had gotten up.  In fact he had forgotten about her for a moment.  “I had no choice but to leave you after the way you treated me”
Jason didn’t say anything to that, much to her surprise.  They were all startled when there was a knock at the door
“POLICE! Open up!”
Jason pretty much knew he was screwed now.  But he was still angry and without warning, punched Tyler in the face.  Adam stopped Jason before he did anything else by stepping between them.  He knew Jason wouldn’t hit him.  Tyler was shocked at what Jason had done, but composed himself and answered the door.  
“We had a call about a domestic disturbance”
“Yes officers please come in”
They were both a bit shocked when they saw the state Jess was in.  
“So, who wants to tell us what went on here?” One of the officers asked.
“Well for starters these two are in my home uninvited” Jason said.
“Because you kidnapped your ex girlfriend” Adam added.
“She NOT my ex!”
“Ok everyone calm down. Miss, I can she you’ve been through a bit of an ordeal, but can you tell me what happened, and you three, let her speak understand?
Tyler and Adam nodded, Jason just looked more frustrated.
“Ok,” Jess said quietly as she was still in pain and shock. “Jason is my ex-boyfriend” she said pointing to who Jason was.  “I left him weeks ago because he was abusive.  I was staying with my friend Tyler here.  Earlier tonight I was out, alone and Jason literally grabbed me, and brought me back here.  He beat me up and then began beating me again until Tyler and Adam showed up.  Tyler called me and I told them I needed help.”
The two officers looked over at Jason. “Is this true sir”
“Don’t I have the right to remain silent or something” Jason said sarcastically.
“Being smart with us is not going to help you”
“It is true officer, he was beating Jess when we got here”  Adam said.
“In that case sir” one of the officers said, “I’m going to have to ask you to come with us.
“That’s bullshit, I’m not going anywhere with you”
“Sir, it will be much easier for you if you come with us, we just need to ask you some questions.
“And if I refuse?”
“Then we will have no choice to arrest you”
“Fine.” Jason huffed.
“I’m afraid we need you three to come as well.  But first, we should get you to the hospital.  Make sure you’re ok and get any medical treatment you may need.
“Ok, whatever you need officers.”  Adam said.
One officer took Jason to the station while the other one took Adam, Jess and Tyler to the hospital.  Jess sat in the back of the car with Tyler while Adam sat in the front.  
“Are you ok Jess, silly question I guess.”
“I am ok now I’m with you and away from him”
“I’m so sorry I let him do this to you again”
“Don’t be, it’s not your fault Tyler”
“”Well, maybe I shouldn’t have let you go out on your own”
“It was my choice Tyler.  So it’s not your fault.”
Jess rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder and closed her eyes.  She was just so relieved that she was safe now.
“How’s your eye?” She asked, Tyler noticed that her voice was shaky.
“It’s ok Jess, you just worry about yourself ok sweetheart”
Tyler put his arm around her realising she was sobbing softly.  Adam noticed the two of them in the mirror and couldn’t help but think that they belonged together.
Jess got herself checked out at the hospital and insisted that Tyler got his black eye checked out.  Just like the last time she was here, she had a few bruised ribs again but no other serious injuries, apart from being pretty banged up.  She was given some pain killers then it was time to head back to the station to give a statement.  A different officer took the statement and was very understanding while Jess gave an account of what had happened as well as a brief history of her relationship with Jason.  
“Thank you for your cooperation today Miss Thompson.  I appreciate that you need to go home and rest up.  We just need to know if you are looking to press any charges against Jason?”
Jess thought about that for a moment.  “I’m not sure”
“Well.  It’s up to you”
“Ok.  Well if I do, what does that mean for me?”
“Well, it means that you will hopefully get some justice.  You may however have to appear in court to testify against him though.”
The thought of standing up in court in front of Jason and all those people terrified her.
“And if I don’t press any charges?”
“That will mean that Jason is likely to walk away from this without any charges at all.  Look, Miss Thompson I appreciate that you have been through a lot and we don’t’ expect you to decided right away.  You can take as long as you need to decide ok”
Jess thought hard for a moment.  Then she finally said, “I’ll do it”
“Are you sure”
“Yes.  I’m sure.  I can’t let him get away with this, and I certainly can’t let him do it again to some other poor girl”
“Well, thank you miss Thompson, what you have decided to do isn’t an easy decision to make”
Jess just nodded thinking to herself how it was actually one of the easiest decisions she had ever made.
Well I've been doing well losing weight as I have lost 43 pounds in the last 2 years, that's 19 kilograms.  (only 50 pound to go)  I thought it was about time I started exercising again, so tomorrow me and my fiancee are going to sign up for a gym membership.  This will be great as I can use the pool as I love swimming, and also use the treadmill, rowing machine, and join in on classes.   I am looking forward to it and I do like exercising so it should be fun :w00t:

See here how my fat has disappeared :D…
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Pantera
  • Playing: Halo 2 Anniversary
  • Drinking: Sugar free energy drink
Well I've been doing well losing weight as I have lost 43 pounds in the last 2 years, that's 19 kilograms.  (only 50 pound to go)  I thought it was about time I started exercising again, so tomorrow me and my fiancee are going to sign up for a gym membership.  This will be great as I can use the pool as I love swimming, and also use the treadmill, rowing machine, and join in on classes.   I am looking forward to it and I do like exercising so it should be fun :w00t:

See here how my fat has disappeared :D…
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Pantera
  • Playing: Halo 2 Anniversary
  • Drinking: Sugar free energy drink


United Kingdom
I've been on Deviant art for 7 years so I thought it was about time I wrote a bit about me. Well, I love art, photography and music. I love to draw, although I could be a lot better. I also play guitar, but havent done in a while. Over the last 3 years I have developed a love for comics. I love Wolverine he is my all time favourite character. My other favourite characters include X Men, Hellboy and Deadpool. Over the last year I have gotten into video games again, after getting a bit obsessed with the Gears of War franchise, of which I have played all the games and read all the novels and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. I love collecting statues and figures as you can see here some belong to my fiancÚ.
I love photography, I have some more of that here :iconjennyd-photography: I love nature, wildlife, landscape and macro the most. I also love music, and I love so many types including Metal/thrash metal, rock, pop, dance, rap, dubstep, classical, soundtrack, instrumental the list goes on and on.
I live with my Mum and my lovely finance who I've been with for nearly 9 years. I work for a self storage company, and on my days off I like going for walks or bike rides, I love going to the beach, or just sitting on my ass reading comics or playing Xbox.
Aside from being obsessed with Wolverine and Gears of War, I also love, True Blood, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Back to the Future Movies, The Lion King, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf oh the list goes on again.
Some random facts about me, My favourite animals are wolves and tigers. I'm scared of spiders but they kinda fascinate me as well. I'm also creeped out by road sweepers, don't know why. I probably watch may too much kids TV for an adult, and I'm never on one to get obsessed with celebrities, just fictional characters :D
Hope that paints a better picture of me, bye for now :wave:

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