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Chapter 25

Jess tried to break free from Jason’s grip, but he was much too strong for her.  She couldn’t even scream as he still had a tight grip around her mouth.  They were now heading towards his parked car.  Jess now knew that he must have somehow stalked her here.  She tried to kick him or hit him thinking she may be able to break free, but she couldn’t.  When they got to his car Jason managed to open the door, still keeping a hold of Jess.  He shoved her in the seat, she knew she couldn’t escape now thanks to the safety lock on her side.  He got in and began to drive.
“Jason, I don’t know what the hell you think you’re doing but please take me home right now”
“That is exactly what I am doing Jess.  I’m taking you home, with me” he said calmly.
“No Jason, I don’t live with you anymore. We broke up”
“No Jess we didn’t break up, you left me.” He said no so calm now.  “So I’m taking you back where you belong.  With me.”
“Look Jason.  I understand that your upset, and angry.  But you have no right to take me away from my new home and . . . . . .”
“No Jess.” Jason said cutting her off.  You didn’t have the right to run out on me for someone else”
“I didn’t run out on you for someone else, me and Tyler are just friends”
“Like I believe that Jess.  When we get home Jess, you’re gonna be very sorry for betraying me.”
Those words filled Jess with dread and she knew what he meant.  She suddenly realised that she had her phone in her pocket.  She got it out when she thought that Jason wasn’t looking.
“I’ll be taking that” Jason said snatching the phone away from her.  Don’t want you calling your little boyfriend now do I?”
“He’s not my boyfriend.” She protested.
“Not anymore he’s not”
Jason continued to drive him and Jess back to the home she hoped she would never have to set foot in again.

Tyler waited for Jess to come back with the wine.  He was so nervous about what he was going to say to her tonight.  He really didn’t want to wait any longer to tell her how he felt.  After about half an hour when Jess still wasn’t back, he started to feel a bit concerned about her.  He knew he was probably worrying over nothing, but he decided to call her.  The phone rung until it went to voicemail.  He tried again two more times, but again, it kept ringing to voicemail.  He started to get very worried, he hoped that she would be back soon and just couldn’t hear her phone.  He left it for a few more minutes and tried again.  Once again he got the voicemail, so he left a message this time asking Jess to call as soon as she got the message.  He sat down on the couch and tried to relax, but he couldn’t help but fear the worst for Jess.

It wasn’t long before Jason and Jess arrived back to his apartment.
“So Jess, isn’t it nice to be home again?” he asked.
“Jason, this is not my home anymore”
“Yes, it is Jess.  This is where you belong”
Jason got out of the car and then opened the door to get Jess out.  He didn’t exactly handle her gently as he grabbed her arm pulling her out of the car.  He continued to hold her arm until they were in his apartment and the door was closed.  
“So Jess, here you are, home sweet home.  Why don’t you take a seat and make yourself comfortable?”
“No, I’m ok think you” Jess said, not really sure what to do.
“I said, sit down, and make yourself comfortable Jess.” He asked again, not so nicely this time.
Jess sat down on the sofa.  She tried not to show it, but she was terrified of what Jason would do.  Jason got a chair, and sat down opposite her.  He looked at her for about a minute, without saying anything.  He then began to speak.
“So Jess.  I’m a little upset that you haven’t thanked me yet”
“Thanked you?  For what”
“For taking you back Jess.  For letting you back into my home, sorry, I mean our home”
“Oh.  Well, thank you” She said, scared to not say what he wanted.
“That’s ok Jess.  But I am still very upset with you.  First of all, for leaving me, and betraying me”
“I didn’t betray you Jason . . “
“SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH JESS!” he shouted.  Jess kept quiet and fought the tears that she knew were coming.
“Second of all” he said strangely calm all of a sudden, “For turning my best friend, against me.”
“I . . . I’m very sorry Jason.  I didn’t mean to upset you”
“Well Jess, guess what.  You did.  I am very angry at you and I cannot let this go unpunished”
“Jason, please don’t”
“Don’t what Jess, what don’t you want me to do?  Maybe this?” he said as he grabbed her hair with his fist making Jess gasp in pain.  “IS THIS WHAT YOU DON’T WANT ME TO DO HUH?  WELL YOU SHOUD’VE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE BETRAYING ME!” He screamed at her.  Jess was crying now.
“Jason, please stop this, just let me go”
“Go, go where, back to your little boyfriend you WHORE!” he said as he stuck her across the cheek with the back of his hand.  Not satisfied that he hadn’t knocked her to the floor, he pulled her off the couch literally throwing her to the ground.  She tried to get up but he stopped her by giving her a hard kick in her side.  Jess couldn’t believe she was going through this again.  He kicked her a few more times, then her was interrupted by Jess’s phone ringing.  He saw that it was Tyler.  In frustration he answered it.
Tyler felt a sense of relief that Jess had answered the phone.  Before she said anything, he spoke first.
“Jess, thank God you answered, I was getting worried.  Jess? Are you there?”
“Hello Tyler”  Jason answered.  Tyler froze when he heard Jason’s voice.
“Jason?  Why do you have Jess’s phone  Where is she?!”
“Oh I’m sorry Tyler.  Jess is back with me now.  Yeah, she realised that she loves and misses me so she’s at home with me”
“No, I don’t believe that.  You took her, YOU BASTARD!”
“Oh, watch your temper.  It’s ok she is with me and totally happy, hold on a second” Jason said as he put the phone on mute.
“Jess.  I want you to talk to Tyler and tell him your with me, and your happy”
“No, I’m not doing that”  Jess said, still crying
Jason knelt down as she was still on the floor.  He grabbed her hair again causing her more pain.
“You’ll do it Jess, or I will make you even more sorry, understand”
Jess just nodded.  Jason took the phone of mute and handed it to Jess.
“Hi Tyler”
“Jess, what the hell’s going on, are you ok?”
Jess couldn’t lie to him.  “No, I’m not ok!” She sobbed.  “He took me and now he is hurting me again, help me Tyler, PLEASE HELP ME!! . . . .”
Jason grabbed the phone off her and hung up.
“Jess.  JESS ARE YOU THERE?.  SHIT” he said realising that she was gone and in trouble.”
“Well Jess, that was very clever wasn’t it.  Trying to get your boyfriend to come and get you, and don’t say he’s not your boyfriend.  Anyway Jess, I believe I was in the middle of teaching you a lesson”
Please.  Please no more" Jess thought to herself as she prepared for the next blow, which soon came as he continued to beat her.

Tyler didn’t know what to do.  He thought calling the police was the best idea but first he called Adam.
“Hey Tyler what’s up”
“He took her Adam, he just took her, I think they are back at his apartment and he’s hurting her . .”
“Woah Tyler, slow down, who has who?”
“Jason.   Jess went out to the store and didn’t come back.  I called her and Jason answered.  He said Jess was back with him now.  I spoke to her and she said she needs help, then I got cut off”
“I’ll be right there” He said hanging up the phone.  Right now Tyler was so angry at Jason, but all he wanted to do was get Jess back.
Love shouldn't hurt Chapter 25
Another update.  I'm all setup with my tablet and keyboard now so have been writing again.
So we usually don't bother with Valentine's day. This year my fiancé surprised me with a bunch of beautiful red roses :love: Then tonight we had Chinese food and watched Dawn of the Planet of the apes. Good film. So had a good day. Shame I've got a stinking cold.
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Jess woke up the next morning and for a second, she had forgotten about Jason calling her last night.  Then it all came back to her, and she was filled with almost the same dread as when she was with him.  She didn’t want to just lie there with her thoughts so she got up to see if Tyler was awake.  She found him in the kitchen with a coffee.

“Hey Jess, did you sleep ok?”

“I did thank you.  And thanks for staying in the room last night, you didn’t have to.”

“Yes I did Jess, I need to make sure that you’re ok.  Are you ok Jess?”

“Well, I was.  Before he called last night”

“I know Jess.  I’m sorry” Tyler said sympathetically feeling so angry at Jason for doing this
to her.

“What do you think Tyler?  You think he’s gonna come after me?  Or you?”

“I . . .  really don’t know Jess.  I still think he’s just playing mind games”

“Maybe you're right.  Well, at least I know not to answer if that number calls again.”

“Yep.  We should probably change your number again”

“Yeah.  We really should.  But who knows what other information he got from my phone?”

Tyler really didn’t like this situation at all and he still wanted Jess to go to the police. But he knew she didn’t want to, and didn’t want to push her into it.

“Well, hopefully nothing.  I assume you blocked him on Facebook?”

“Oh yeah, I definitely did that”

“Good.  Don’t want him trying to harass you on that as well.”

“Yes, I certainly don’t want that to happen.  I’m so glad we're both not working today.  At least I can relax a bit.”

That was easier said than done today.  Every time her phone went off her heart nearly stopped.  She even kept looking out of the window because she was so paranoid about Jason finding her here.  She must have been staring out the window for about 5 minutes at one point.  She was so lost in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  It was only Tyler of course but she jumped so much she nearly fell over.

“Whoa, Jess.  Are you ok sweetheart?”

“Yeah.  Sorry.  I'm Just a little jumpy today.”

“That’s understandable.  I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.  I just wandered if you
wanted a hot drink?”

“Oh.  Yes.  Tea would be good.”

“Coming right up.  And Jess?  It’s going to be ok.  I promise no matter what I won’t let Jason hurt you again.  Ok?”

“Ok.” She replied, feeling a little reassured.

As the next few weeks went by, Jess heard nothing more from Jason and was feeling a little better every day.  She was still a little paranoid and didn’t go out on her own anywhere, but was starting to feel a little more back to normal.  Tyler started to believe even more, that Jason was just trying to scare her when he called a few weeks ago.  He was still looking out for Jess of course, but he wasn’t so worried anymore.  He figured that Jason had given up and moved on, well that’s what he hoped anyway.  Over the last few weeks as well, Tyler felt that he had grown closer to Jess.  The only downside to that what the possibility that she only see’s him now as a really close friend, and nothing more.  In fact, that was the reason he hadn’t summoned up the courage to tell her he felt about her.  He knew he would have to at some point.  It was too hard being so close to someone but so far as well.  He knew that eventually she would find someone else, and then he may lose his chance for good.  Not only that, but he also hated the thought of her ending up with the wrong person and getting badly hurt again.  He knew he had to say something soon, but that was a lot easier said than done.
Another week went by with no word or sign of Jason.  It had almost been a month since he said that he would “see her soon”.  Jess and Tyler figured that if he was going to do something, he would have done it by now.   Jess was so used to living here with Tyler now, and she had no regrets about leaving Jason.  Her life was so much better.  She was thinking about this as she was getting ready for work for yet another Monday morning.  She had enjoyed having a weekend off, but as always, Monday morning came way too quickly.  She almost felt happy about complaining about a Monday morning.  When she was with Jason she had bigger worries in the morning, like how to cover up a black eye, or making excuses for missing work.  She almost felt more normal now, and it felt good.  Jess was quieter than normal on the drive to work.  
Tyler asked her if she was ok.  She said she was fine, just thinking about how better things for her were now.  Tyler smiled when she said that.  All he wanted was for her to be happy.  
He kept stealing glances at her when she wasn’t looking.  He couldn’t look at her without thinking just how beautiful she was.  The more he looked at her, the more he wanted to tell her how he felt.  In fact, he had never been so sure in his life of what the next words out of his mouth should be.

“Hey, Jess.  Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it” she replied?

He lost all nerve when he looked at her.  He had to say something.

“Um.  I just wondered  . . . if you wanted to do something tonight.  For dinner maybe”

“Yeah sure.  Like we could go for a meal or maybe grab a takeaway”   Jess replied completely oblivious that the poor love struck Tyler was trying to ask her out.

“Yeah.  Well it depends if you want to go out or stay in.”

“Um.  Well a nice Chinese takeaway sounds nice.  The sofa and a move should be involved to.  Oh and a bottle of wine maybe?”

“Yeah.  Sounds nice”

“Cool.  Look forward to tonight then”

“Yeah.  Me to” Tyler replied.  ”Well at least that gives me some time to think about what to say.” he thought realising he just decided to tell Jess tonight how he feels.

The day went quick for Jess but slow for Tyler.  He was so nervous about tonight he could barely think straight.  What was he even going to say to her “Hey Jess, can you pass the soy sauce, oh, and by the way, I’m in love with you” He almost chuckled at that notion. Jess spent the day looking forward to tonight.  She loved spending time with Tyler.  He was the sweetest guy she had ever met and she couldn’t imagine life without him now.  Part of her hoped that tonight may just lead somewhere, but she was still afraid to even go down that road with Tyler.  Part of her was afraid of getting hurt again, but it was mainly because she felt that Tyler would never feel the same way.  She had always been insecure about herself and being with Jason had only made that worse.  All she could do was see where tonight took them.  She was too scared to make a move herself and ruin the friendship that they had built up.

Tyler was both relived and nervous that the end of the day had finally come.  He waited for Jess to get ready to leave, and then they made their way to his car.

“So Jess.  Dinner tonight, shall we go for Chinese?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah.  Sounds good.  We should pick up a bottle of wine or something on the way home”

“Yeah.  We can do that to”

On the way home, Tyler was fairly quiet.  That was because he was really nervous about what he was going to say to her tonight.  Jess noticed he was quiet and asked him if he was ok.  
He just blamed it on being tired after work.  They got home and made themselves comfortable. They picked a movie to watch and ordered there food.  Then Jess suddenly remembered that she had forgotten the wine.

“You know what we forgot, the wine”

“Oh yeah.  Was looking forward to that to that”

“Well that’s ok, you wait for the food and I will just go to the store and grab a bottle.”

“Um.  Are you sure Jess.  It is getting dark you sure you wanna go out on your own?”

“Well, I can’t be scared of being alone all my life can I.  It will be fine it’s like less than five minutes to the store.  I want to go, I feel I need to get out on my own at some point”

“Are you sure?” Tyler asked, he really didn’t like the idea, but couldn’t really stop her.

“Yes I’m sure.  It will be fine I promise ok?”

“Ok” he replied

“I will see you in about 15 minutes ok”

“Ok Jess, be careful”

“I’ll be fine” she said as she left the apartment.
As soon as Jess stepped outside she felt a little paranoid.  But as she started to make her way to the store, she felt ok.  It felt good to be out on her own.  As she walked a little further, she remembered how quiet it could be around here.   Her paranoia started to comeback, then she realised she was just being silly.  Then she felt a little uneasy when she heard footsteps behind her.  She decided to try not to worry about it, but they seemed to be getting close fast.  ”Probably nothing” She thought to herself as she carried on walking, speeding up a bit.  Then she could sense this person was right behind her and without warning, she was grabbed from behind.  She tried to scream but the person covered her mouth.  With wide eyes she turned around to see the face of her worst nightmare, Jason.  She tried to scream again, but it came out muffled as he tightened his grip over her mouth.

“Hello Jess.  I’ve missed you.  And now, you’re coming with me"
Love shouldn't hurt - Chapter 24
Finally got round to updating this story

Last chapter here (as it's been so long)  ------>  Love Shouldn't Hurt - Chapter 23
So we usually don't bother with Valentine's day. This year my fiancé surprised me with a bunch of beautiful red roses :love: Then tonight we had Chinese food and watched Dawn of the Planet of the apes. Good film. So had a good day. Shame I've got a stinking cold.
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United Kingdom
I've been on Deviant art for 7 years so I thought it was about time I wrote a bit about me. Well, I love art, photography and music. I love to draw, although I could be a lot better. I also play guitar, but havent done in a while. Over the last 3 years I have developed a love for comics. I love Wolverine he is my all time favourite character. My other favourite characters include X Men, Hellboy and Deadpool. Over the last year I have gotten into video games again, after getting a bit obsessed with the Gears of War franchise, of which I have played all the games and read all the novels and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. I love collecting statues and figures as you can see here some belong to my fiancÚ.
I love photography, I have some more of that here :iconjennyd-photography: I love nature, wildlife, landscape and macro the most. I also love music, and I love so many types including Metal/thrash metal, rock, pop, dance, rap, dubstep, classical, soundtrack, instrumental the list goes on and on.
I live with my Mum and my lovely finance who I've been with for nearly 9 years. I work for a self storage company, and on my days off I like going for walks or bike rides, I love going to the beach, or just sitting on my ass reading comics or playing Xbox.
Aside from being obsessed with Wolverine and Gears of War, I also love, True Blood, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Back to the Future Movies, The Lion King, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf oh the list goes on again.
Some random facts about me, My favourite animals are wolves and tigers. I'm scared of spiders but they kinda fascinate me as well. I'm also creeped out by road sweepers, don't know why. I probably watch may too much kids TV for an adult, and I'm never on one to get obsessed with celebrities, just fictional characters :D
Hope that paints a better picture of me, bye for now :wave:

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